White paper: Health apps: where do they make sense? White paper: Health apps from the perspectives of patients, standards and policies Based on a seminar held at the King’s Fund, London, 28 October 2013

Conclusions Of The First Ever Cross-Stakeholder Pan-European Seminar On Health Apps/How patients, policy-makers, healthcare professionals and industry see the future To download the full white paper: MASTER A4 WHITE PAPER PDF Brussels, 12 March… Continue reading

Press release: Patient groups/empowered consumers nominate 20 more health apps-now featured on myhealthapps.net

http://myhealthapps.net To follow on Twitter: @my_health_apps Release date: 25/02/2014 / Contact details are at end of this blog Full press release can be downloaded at:  http://bit.ly/1eh5U8h Patient groups and empowered consumers nominate 20… Continue reading

Corporate Reputation of Pharma – the Patient Perspective, February 2014

    The Corporate Reputation of Pharma in 2013 —the Patient Perspective  • A global survey, conducted mid-November to mid-December 2013 • Includes the views of 800 patient groups from 43 countries and… Continue reading

Patient co-creation, mpowerment, and myhealthapps.net

Below is the presentation made by Alex Wyke and Tony Newbold  at ARTIC 2014 Thank you for the invitation #ARTIC2014 WYKE & NEWBOLD/ MYHEALTHAPPS.NET

Corporate Reputation of Pharma- the Patient Perspective, the views of 800 patient groups worldwide …out 13/02/2014

Corporate Reputation of Pharma – the Patient Perspective, headlines results to be released Thursday, February 13th 2014. Reports on a survey of 800 patient groups worldwide

Why the patient movement is so important

Click on link below to see PowerPoint on the importance of the patient movement   PATIENT POWER

myhealthapps.net will be posting an app

myhealthapps.net will be posting an app of the day on facebook and twitter Today’s app of the day is Wheelmate to help 65m people in wheelchairs find accessible toilets

Launch of myhealthapps.net

To access: http://myhealthapps.net/ Please follow us on twitter: @my_health_apps , #myhealthapps Contact: Dee O’Sullivan,  Telephone: +32-(0)2-538-7581,  Mobile: +32-(0)495-893-925, Email: dee@patient-view.com MYHEALTHAPPS.NET —A NEWINTERNATIONALWEBSITE So we can live healthier lives—with the help of our… Continue reading

More on myhealthapps and what people want from their apps (PowerPoint)

More on myhealthapps and what people want from their apps (PowerPoint): http://bit.ly/1acExpm We will be launching myhealthapps in Brussels on November 14th do come along but please register first myhealthappsnet.eventbrite.com

What do people want from their health apps?

A new survey of 250 patient and consumer groups identifies people’s wants and needs for health apps Download white paper, launched at Gastein October 3 2013  at link below  HEALTH APP WHITE PAPER… Continue reading