34 more health apps nominated by patient and consumer groups, July 2014

http://myhealthapps.net To follow on Twitter: @my_health_apps Release date: 26/07/2014 / For further information contact dee@patient-view.com Telephone: +32-(0)2-538-7581, Mobile: +32-(0)495-893-925,  Patient groups and empowered consumers nominate 34 more health apps, Now featured on myhealthapps.net If the hope of… Continue reading

What was discussed at the DG Connect webinar on mHealth? Event reports: 24/06/2014 – 02:00

On Tuesday 24 June 2014, DG CONNECT hosted an online discussion on “Ensuring the safety of health and wellbeing apps”. Here you can find the presentations and the full list of Q&As discussed… Continue reading

Results: schizophrenia and social inclusion

Results from study to help understand social inclusion and People Living with Schizophrenia, which was conducted last year (July – September 2013) 140117 – Social Inclusion Research    

Corporate reputation of the medical device industry – the patient perspective (3rd edition)

      Report published by PatientView, June 4th 2014 London, June 4, 2014. This report is based on the findings of a PatientView March-April 2014 global survey exploring the views of 428… Continue reading

mHealth: improving accessibility and quality of life – a pilot survey of patients and carers

Below is the presentation made by Dee O’Sullivan at e-health Athens, 12th May,2014, Monday.  

Presentation @my_health_apps @PatientView ‘Patient Co-Creation for #mHealth at Our Fingertips’ opens #mHealthEU Track 2

Presentation @my_health_apps @PatientView ‘Patient Co-Creation for #mHealth at Our Fingertips’ opens #mHealthEU Track 2 PRESENTATION: MHSE_2014 DEE O’SULLIVAN Presentation by Dee O’Sullivan Director myhealthapps.net / PatientView Dee oversaw the launch of myhealthapps.net (MHA) in Brussels… Continue reading

myhealthapps.net Interview with BBC on health apps

myhealthapps.net Interview with BBC on health apps http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-27141119

Selected slides from presentation at Healthcare Apps 28-30 April 2014

How do apps help patients / help doctors help patients

Slides from  a presentation made by Dr Alexandra Wyke at: Playing games, using apps, promoting wellbeing Thursday 10 April 2014 Venue: Royal Society Of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

The corporate reputation of pharma companies varied significantly in 2013 when assessed by patient groups of different specialties —even between the therapeutic divisions of a single company

Press Release Date: 14-04-2014 Contact: Alexandra Wyke                  email: alexwyke@patient-view.com Tel: 0044-(0)1567-520-965 The corporate reputation of 23 pharma companies in 2013 was analysed by patient groups specialising in four different subject areas: cancer, diabetes,… Continue reading