Corporate reputation of Pharma – the views of 1,463 patient groups worldwide

Corporate Reputation of the Pharma Industry from the Patient Perspective
… now in its 6th year

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Brainstorm Health / Brainstorm Health Daily: March 21, 2017, Clifton Leaf,Sy Mukherjee

Patient groups give pharma a scathing review on reputationAfter temporarily getting a boost in corporate reputation among patient groups in 2015, drug makers’ favor among their very target customers has plunged, according to a new PatientView survey. Only 37.9% of the survey’s 1,463 patient group respondents felt that the pharma industry as a whole had an “Excellent” or “Good” reputation in 2016, and only 23% felt that the sector’s reputation had improved over the past five years. But which drug makers received relatively high marks? ViiV Healthcare (the combined HIV-focused venture between Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline), AbbVie, and Novartis were deemed to be most responsive to patient groups’ needs. But it sure looks like pharma still has plenty of work to do in its reputation-salvaging campaign.


Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Two-thirds of Irish patients have faith in Big Pharma Drug companies rank lower overall for innovation and reputation in worldwide report



Fierce Pharma,  Beth Snyder Bulik | Mar 21, 2017 9:53am

Pharma’s rep with patient groups was on the rise, but not anymore: PatientView



Pharmaphorum, Richard Staines, Mar 21, 2017

Drug price controversies hit pharma’s reputation



Drug makers have a bad reputation among patient groups




Pharmanalyses Jean Jacques Cristofari  /  21 mars 2017  /

La réputation des laboratoires pharmaceutiques en chute libre

백성주기자 [ 2017년 03월 22일 12시 53분 ]

환자단체 평판···비브〉애브비〉길리어드 順


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