Request to patient groups worldwide to input into PatientView’s independent study “What is the corporate reputation of pharma in 2015 – from the patient perspective?”


For any queries about this study please contact: Dr Alexandra Wyke, CEO, PatientView. Email:

For the 5th consecutive year, PatientView is requesting patient organisations worldwide to tell us what they think of the reputation of the pharma industry (and the companies within that industry). The results of the 2015 survey will be compiled into

A CORPORATE REPUTATION INDEX OF PHARMA 2015 (to published in February 2016)

• The Index is taken seriously by the pharma industry as part of its efforts to become more patient-friendly.
• The results of this 2015 survey will show you how your colleagues rate the world’s various pharmaceutical companies in 2015 (whether good or bad).

About the questionnaire

The survey is open to any health advocacy organisation worldwide. Please circulate this email to any other patient groups that you think might also be interested. The survey has only 10 very simple questions, and will probably take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time to complete. The survey is anonymous, unless you prefer to specify otherwise.

To be sure your response is made in time, please complete before Monday, 18th January 2016.

The survey is available in 12 languages:

To thank you for your participation in this study, all respondents to any PatientView study get a final copy of the resulting report (if they wish).

A brief statement of clarification

This 2015 study intends to determine how patient groups around the world perceive the pharmaceutical industry, with the aim of improving standards throughout the industry to levels that are satisfactory to patients. The study is paid for solely by PatientView, a UK-based research and publishing group that specialises in studying trends in the patient-advocacy movement, and which passes valuable and unique information back to patient groups. All NGOs participating in the study can receive a free copy of the report on the survey results (if they wish to). PatientView funds the whole exercise by selling the report to any pharma companies that wish to read it. Further information about PatientView reports can be found at our website:


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