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So we can live healthier lives—with the help of our smartphones

Every app, tried and tested by people like you

Brussels, Thursday, 14th NOvember, 2013

“Mobile health in Europe is one small, but important, part in our expanding efforts to help Europeans being healthier. I commend this effort to help guide the citizens looking for a good choice in health and wellbeing apps”.- Robert Madelin – Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Why visit and trust

  • All of the initial 307 apps appearing on the site have been selected by 456 distinct patient groups, disability groups or empowered consumers as their favourite apps. The reviews from these groups are supplied for each app, as well as weblinks to the groups themselves.
  • unique ‘heart’-rating system. The health apps on the site have been allocated ‘heart’ ratings, according to the extent that each app exhibits 5 consumer/patient needs (weighted according to level of importance). These 5 qualities are attributes that patients and the public look for from their health apps been allocated ‘heart’ ratings, according to the extent that each app exhibits 5 consumer/patient needs (weighted according to level of importance).

Other key features of

  • Apps in 47 languages (from Albanian toWelsh) can be selected through the website’s filtering system—where possible weblinks are provided to app reviews in local languages.
  • Apps cover a total of 146 health specialties—so, the site should contain something for virtually everyone. Included are: exercise and diet apps; disease-oriented apps for monitoring, tracking, and supporting the management of symptoms; apps providing healthcare information; and even apps that promote networking with carers, family, friends, or other people with a similar medical condition.
  • Apps across five platforms: Android, Apple, Blackberry, Nokia,Windows (each with weblinks to relevant app stores) can be selected through the website’s filtering system.
  • Listing of the developers, the funders and the medical advisers behind each app (where the information is publicly available), enhancing transparency about who made the app, and its level of trustworthiness.
  • Apps ranked by price (from lowest to highest, or vice versa).
  • Visitors to the site may leave comments about specific apps (comments are moderated).

My health is brought to you by PatientView Ltd, in partnership with:

  • European Health Forum Gastein
  • GSK
  • Janssen
  • Novo Nordisk
  • O2/Telefonica Europe
  • Vodafone Foundation

PatientView also gratefully acknowledges the help and encouragement of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), NHS England’s Library of Health Apps and the UK government body KTN CONNECT.


PatientView was founded in 2000 in the belief that patients and the public should have more say in their healthcare. The company sees the patient movement as one of the most important changes in modern healthcare. PatientView undertakes healthcare research in close partnership with patient groups, and publishes the results in reports.

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The team behind

    • Douglas Badenoch, Founder and Director, Minervation, UK
    • Andrew Banner, MS Access Data Management, PatientView, UK
    • Tom Brooks, Developer, UK
    • Jonathan Buschenfeld, Designer, Design by Day, UK
    • Jamie Case, Project Manager,, PatientView (now at London Transport), UK
    • Sami France, Web Designer, Design by Day, UK
    • Robin Layfield, Lead Developer, UltraSimplified, UK
    • Clive Nead, Editorial Director, PatientView, UK
    • Henry Nead, Assistant,, PatientView, UK
    • Tony Newbold, Head of Content and Public Engagement, PatientView, UK
    • Dee O’Sullivan, Managing Director,, PatientView, Belgium
    • Angela Roche, Web Designer, Design by Day, UK
    • André Tomlin, Web Designer and CEO, Minervation, UK
    • Alexandra Wyke, CEO, PatientView, UK