A benchmarking strategy for corporate patient centricity


Providing pharma and medical device companies with a template to build their own patient-centric strategies.Today, almost every medical supplier talks about corporate patient centricity. Here is a means of truly—and demonstably—being patient centric.

Why this report? 

PatientView is increasingly asked by pharmaceutical and medical-device companies what measures they can take to be patient centric (and thereby bolster their reputation). To answer this question, PatientView has analysed the past five years of it’s survey work, aiming to determine what patient groups believe makes a company patient centric. The resulting data was remodeled into relevant business contexts with the help of management consultancy Neovoca. In this report, Mat Phillips, the head of Neovoca, translates the concept of patient centricity into practical, actionable strategies.

How this report can help your company

The contents of the report aims to be a platform upon which companies like your own can initiate a systematic strategy that will lead to corporate patient centricity. PatientView and Neovoca are now working with a number of pharma companies to develop coherent patient-centric strategies relevant to their business activities and geographic positioning. The intention is:

  • To frame patient-centred plans that offer true value to the end-user, the consumers.
  • To unlock real insights requiring a dialogue with all customer groups.
  • To ensure effective implementation. Strategically-aligned personal goal-setting is key.
  • To design internal and external auditing methods to measure progress

What this report contains …

  • Introduction to the market shifts that necessitate corporate adoption of patient centricity.
  • Description of what patient groups expect from companies that are moving towards patient centricity. Includes a central corporate ‘Intent and Culture’, plus 7 separate domains.
  • The result: a process to turn patient expectations into a tangible strategy that can be implemented within your company.

Data and illustrations provided on:

  • Building a benchmarking system for corporate patient centricity
  • Patient centricity—a systematic approach from PatientView
  • Illustrative quotes provided from patient groups