The patient movement in numbers 2013


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The patient movement has been expanding rapidly since at least the 1990s, and has become one of the most important forces helping to shape future healthcare systems (and the industries that supply them). Over the past decade, PatientView has been tracking the patient movement’s size, shape and activities.


No hard data has been published on patient group trends worldwide. Hence this report—which we will be updating every year. The report considers (and compares) differences in the situation of patient groups in a number of therapy areas and countries/regions of the world, allowing the strengths and weaknesses of these patient groups to be pinpointed—which, in turn, can help define strategies to support the further growth of the patient movement. Data are drawn from global surveys conducted by PatientView 2011-2012, notably:

§  ‘How can Industry Build Relationships with Patient Groups? A Global Survey of 850 Patient Groups’, PatientView Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2011.

§  ‘What do Patients Think of Doctors? A Survey of 2,500 Patient Groups’, PatientView Quarterly, Winter 2011.

§  ‘Benchmarking the Impact of the Patient Movement—a New Tool (Parts 1 and 2): a Global Survey of 1,000 Patient Groups’, PatientView Quarterly, July 2012; and October 2012.



n The shape of the patient movement―for therapy areas, and regions of the world (including Europe) n Funding n Partnering with industry n Usage of social media n Business acumen n Range of activities n Provision of healthcare services n Networking with other healthcare stakeholders n Networking with patient groups in other specialties n Networking with healthcare professionals n Perceived reputation with other healthcare stakeholders n Whether government considers the patient groups’ specialties a healthcare priority n Perceived hurdles to patient group success

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