‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma-the Patient Perspective’ 1st edition – 2nd edition now available see link immediately below



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 This study features patient groups’ latest impressions on the corporate reputation of pharma as an industry, and 30 individual pharma companies. The methodology for the study was formulated in consultation with industry and (separately) with patient groups.

The report is based on the results of an online survey of 500 large, influential patient groups drawn from 61 countries across the world 

Geographic remit of the patient groups taking part in this survey: n Global (two or more regions of the world)—7% n International (two or more countries in each region)—12%  n National—63%  n Large regional—11%

Main specialties of the patient groups taking part in this survey: n Cancer n Carers (various conditions) n Chronic diseases (in general) n Circulatory diseases n Diabetes n Endocrine n Gastrointestional conditions n HIV/AIDS n Learning disorders n Mental health problems n Multiple sclerosis n Neurological conditions n Palliative n Parkinson’s disease n Rare diseases n Respiratory conditions n Sexual health n Skin conditions n Urinary

The report looks at the corporate reputation of

l the whole pharma industry, and of l 30 individual pharma companies

• Abbott • Actavis • Allergan • Amgen • Astellas • AstraZeneca • Baxter International • Bayer • Biogen Idec • Boehringer Ingelheim • Bristol-Myers Squibb • Eli Lilly (Lilly) • Genzyme • Gilead Sciences • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) • Johnson & Johnson [and all of its affiliates, eg Janssen] • Lundbeck • Merck [US company, and all of its affiliates, eg MSD] • Merck [German company, and all of its affiliates, eg Merck Serono] • Novartis • Novo Nordisk • Nycomed • Pfizer •Roche • Sanofi • Servier • Shire • Takeda • Teva • UCB.

Companies were included in this study if a minimum of 30 respondent patient groups stated that they were familiar with the company. Thus, the results are based on feedback from respondent groups that claim they are familiar with the company and which answered the specific question for each indicator on corporate reputation (mentioned below).

How was the corporate reputation of the companies determined?

The study used six indicators to measure company performance: Indicator I. Whether the company has an effective patient-centred strategy. Indicator II. The quality of the information that the company provides to patients. Indicator III. The company’s record on patient safety. Indicator IV. The usefulness to patients of the company’s products. Indicator V. The company’s record of transparency with external stakeholders. Indicator VI. Whether the company acts with integrity.

A profile of each company’s performance for each of these six indictors is supplied in the report.

The respondent patient groups also provide strategic recommendations on how companies can improve their corporate reputation – from a patient perspective

The ‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma—the Patient Perspective’ report is priced at £750.oo GBP

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