4th edition of the European Patient Group Directory

This 4th edition of the European Patient Group Directory was compiled by PatientView and published by Burson-Marsteller. European Health Forum Gastein is the media partner for this publication.


Paola Testori Coggi, Director General for Health and Consumers, European Commission

 This fourth edition of the European Patient Group Directory focuses on the transparency of the governance and funding of groups active in health policy. This is in line with the approach taken by the European Transparency Initiative (ETI) – a joint European Commission and Parliament measure. Openness can only increase the legitimacy of stakeholders, the process of consultation, and EU policy itself. In the European Commission’s Health & Consumers Directorate, we have a long tradition of involving patient groups in our discussion fora and consider them a fundamental stakeholder of our portfolio. In the area of health it is essential that we work together at European level with the widest possible range of partners to develop and implement health policy and actions. This doesn’t just mean national governments and international organizations, but also NGOs, professional bodies and patients groups, as often it is those closest to the challenges that can give us the greatest insights into how to go about tackling them. Since 2004, the EU Open Health Forum has convened every 2 years to inform and involve key health stakeholders in European health policy. The EU Health Policy Forum, which brings together 52 umbrella organizations, meets more frequently to review the EU’s work in various areas of public health and to adopt recommendations. In addition, through on-line consultations on our policy initiatives, we ensure that the widest range of stakeholders and citizens have their voices heard. These and other mechanisms ensure that patient groups are completely engaged in shaping patient-centred healthcare policy in the EU. I am certain that this latest edition of the Directory will be used by many actors in health and will provide useful guidance and open access to patient groups in the European Union and beyond.