Why do patients in the UK not seek help from the doctor, when they should?

Why do patients in the UK not see the doctor when they shouldPOWERPOINT

The views of 316 UK patient and health advocacy groups (compared with the views of a total of
870 patient groups worldwide)


This report highlights the reasons why patients do not go to the doctor, and provides actionable insights into how the problem can be addressed by policymakers and by industry




Why this report?


When patients do not seek help from the doctor, the consequences for the patient (and for society) can be damaging.

Patients who are reluctant to visit the doctor do not receive the medicines they need, may not comply with treatment regimes, or may throw away medicines which they think do not work.

The precise cost to society of patients not seeing their doctors remains unknown, but the overall result is a greater burden of sickness within communities.


How this study was undertaken


Over the past year, PatientView has been asking UK patient groups (and patient groups from around the world) to comment on the subject of why patients do not visit the doctor.

316 UK patient groups and 554 patient groups from the rest of the world supplied their assessments.

This UK report analyses and categorises the numerous comments of the 316 UK groups.

The UK results are compared with the results of the global element of the study.

From the pooled evidence and analyses, PatientView suggests a number of strategies that could enhance the efficiency of the NHS by ensuring that patients go to see their doctor when they should.


The specialties of the 316 participating UK groups include


lAllergy  lArthritis  lCancer lCarers/parents  lChildren’s conditionslDiabetes  lDsability (excluding eyesight, deafness or speech)lEndocrine disorders lGastrointestinal  lHeart disease  lHIV/AIDSlLearning disabilities lMental health lNeurological conditionslOlder people lRare diseases lRespiratory conditions lStrokelUrinary conditions


Key features of this report


·         PatientView identifies nine major factors that explain why patients do not seek help from their doctor when they should.

·         Each of the nine factors is considered in depth.

·         The prevalence of the nine factors is quantified and qualified.

·         The UK results are compared with those obtained from the 870 patient groups worldwide participating in this study.

·         The report provides strategic pointers on how patient reluctance to visit the doctor may be overcome.

·         The report is in an easy-to-read format, so that you can quickly identify key topics of interest to yourself.

·         The report also comes with a short PowerPoint showing top-line findings, for use in internal meetings.


For more information or to purchase this report, please contact Alexandra Wyke or Clive Nead at: report@patient-view.com 

or telephone: 0044(0)-1547-520-965