What patients think of the UK’s NHS

This month sees the re-launch of Health and Social Campaigners News International as the PatientView Quarterly. The relaunch responds to the demand for unique data and analysis about patient and other health-related voluntary groups worldwide. Each Quarterly will contain original pieces of work by PatientView, plus an interview with a guest commentator and, when appropriate, reviews of outside work.This PatientView Quarterly summer issue looks at the views of 887 UK patient groups, their important role within the NHS, their relationship with other healthcare stakeholders (including government and industry), and their views of the future of the NHS. Included is full analytical breakdown for patient groups’ responses in ten disease areas, and mapping of the activities of 207 respondents who were happy to be named in the report See below.



The findings of this report are drawn from a PatientView May-June 2010 survey of 887 voluntary groups covering a wide range of health specialities, including all of the main disease areas, plus carers and older people.

The majority of the respondent groups are community based—which is where the main focus of the government’s reforms lie.

Interviews were conducted with the executives of six leading patient organisations: 

§  Cancer Research UK 

§  Genetic Alliance UK 

§  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society 

§  National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) 

§  National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) 

§  Rarer Cancers Forum (RCF) 


Patient group specialties analysed in-depth in the report (numbers of groups):  

Profiles of respondent groups according to geographic remit, age, number of people represented, membership of umbrella organisations, sources of funding, how group measure success, how groups communicate with patients, the services that groups supply to people and the NHS, relationships with government, relationships with other health stakeholders (including doctors and industry), patient perspectives on doctor-patient relationships, what groups think of proposed NHS reforms, how groups would like to change the NHS,  full mapping of 207 individual groups happy to be named in this report

 n Arthritis  (25)n Autoimmune diseases (88)n Cancer (68)n Carers  (33)n Diabetes (35) n HIV/AIDS and sexual health (19) n Heart disease and stroke (52)  n Mental health (86) n Multiple sclerosis (43)  n Neurological conditions (144)  n Older people (29)n Rare conditions (27)


Companies named by respondent patient groups

as being either trustworthy, good providers of information, good at understanding patient needs or best at handling patient groups:

 n Abbott  n Advanced Therapeutics  n Air Products n Allergan  n Almirall n Animas  n AstraZeneca  n Bayer  n Boots  n Bristol-Myers Squibb n BUPA Home Healthcare  n Celgene  n Clinovia  n Crawford Pharma n Eisai  n Eli Lilly  n Ferring Pharmaceutical n Genzyme  n Grünenthal n GSK  n Ipsen Pharmaceuticals  n Janssen-Cilag  n Johnson & Johnson n Juvela  n Kapitex  n Lamberts  n Lifescan  n Meda  n MediSense n Medtronic  n Merck Serono  n Novartis  n Novo Nordisk  n Pfizer n Platon  n Roche  n Rowlands Chemists  n Sanofi Aventis  n Sanofi Pasteur n Sanofi Pasteur MSD  n SpePharma  n  UCB Pharma

If you wish to obtain details on how to obtain a copy of this report please contact Louise Oatham at info@patient-view.com