Survey targets European cancer organisations to find out online information gaps


A new survey has been launched in five European languages to uncover the types of information and services being provided by patient groups and organisations.
With the advent of online media patient organisations are increasingly called upon to supply key information through the internet. However there is no clear understanding of what online patient information services are currently available in Europe, to patients and their families and friends—or indeed how the services are being used.

This survey aims to gather and map data on the services and information that are being supplied by cancer patient groups and other non-governmental organisations with an interest in health and healthcare. In addition, these groups’ views on the positive and negative aspects of delivering such information through different vehicles (including social media) will be collected, including their impressions of the barriers that stand in the way of greater patient uptake of e-tools. The eurocancercoms project will go on to analyse the research and develop strategies to make the best cancer information accessible to cancer organizations, patients and the public. The information collected will be used to inform the eurocancercoms project. At the end of the project all results will be published on the eurocancercoms website.
If you represent a patient organization and would like to take part please click on the relevant link below.


Please forward this link to anybody else you think would welcome the opportunity to contribute to this Project.
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