Patients’ perspectives of pharma – a new global survey 2nd edition

 In the attachment above, please find: Introduction; Contents of both parts of the report; and Profiling list of patient groups that wish to be named as participants. 


Patients’ perspectives of pharma – a new global survey, 2nd edition

Patient View would like to draw your attention to a new two-part report which is available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing this report, please email Louise Oatham at (Please note that the report is delivered upon receipt of funds.)

About the respondents: 665 patient groups; differing specialties; 47 countries.

About the analyses: Five regions of the world —Australasia; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; North America; and Latin America; and across six medical specialities —Common cancers; Rare cancers; Diabetes; HIV/AIDS; Mental health; and Neurological conditions. —2009 versus 2008.

Contents: PART 1. Pharma’s performance in its relationships with patient groups and with patients.  PART 2. Patient groups’ views of corporate strategies, plus the performance of the top-15 pharma companies. Quality of pharma company relationships with patient groups in 2009 Views on pharma performance in 2009, according to seven patient group-oriented indicators (innovating to meet patients’ needs; providing information to patient groups; creating relationships with patient groups; managing adverse news about products; being transparent about relationships with patient groups; being trustworthy; and managing conflicts of interest). —Pharma’s record in 2009 on various activities (innovation; disease-awareness campaigns; pricing policies/getting products reimbursed; marketing to doctors; ensuring product safety; truthfulness/accuracy when communicating to patients). Pharma company strategies to improve relationships with patient groups (consulting and communicating with partner patient groups; supporting patient group operational activities; supporting patient group campaigning activities). —Corporate strategies to help poorer patients during the 2009 global recession. —The performance of the top-15 pharma companies (according to trustworthiness; ability to handle relationships with patient groups; supplying patients with information; understanding patients’ needs). —Wish list for 2010.